THSR302 - Comparing Texts and Traditions in the Abrahamic Faiths

10 cp
Prerequisites: At least 30cp of Theology units
Teaching Organisation: This unit includes formally structured learning activities such as lectures, integrated classroom discussions and online learning (where applicable), focusing on students as active learners. It also includes guest lectures and excursions (where feasible and available) related to the unit content. The remaining hours involve reading, research, and the preparation of tasks for assessment.

Interreligious understanding and respect is an essential concern for navigating today's pluralistic society. This unit aims to provide you with an introduction to the comparative study of sacred texts and their theologies, concentrating on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. You will explore various ways of reading these sacred texts, both from within the religious tradition, and respectfully, from the perspective of another faith tradition. This unit will enable you to engage with the methodologies of comparative theology, interreligious learning, and 'scriptural reasoning', and apply them to interreligious encounters, both in Australia and internationally.