THSR301 - Indigenous Spiritualities

10 cp
Prerequisites 40 cps in 100-level units
Incompatible THSR100 Indigenous Spiritualities
Teaching Organisation The unit involves 150 hours of focused learning, or the equivalent of 10 hours per week for 15 weeks. The total includes formally structured learning activities such as lectures, tutorials, online learning, video-conferencing, or supervision. The remaining hours typically involve reading, research, and the preparation of tasks for assessment.

This unit will mainly be focused on the spiritual and religious life of the indigenous peoples of Australia. Attention will be paid to the traditional religious beliefs and practices of Aboriginal Australians at the time of European settlement, as well as to developments since the arrival of Europeans. The unit will explore the spiritual world of the Aboriginal peoples, especially the concepts of the Dreaming and the sacredness of the land, as it is expressed through stories, songs, rituals and art. This unit will also consider one or more indigenous religious traditions from other parts of the world (the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region).