THCT309 - The Spirit Word and Life

10 cp
Prerequisites: At least 40 cps in Christian Thought
Teaching Organisation: This unit involves 150 hours of focused learning, or the equivalent of 10 hours per week for 15 weeks. The total includes formally structured learning activities such as lectures, tutorials, online learning, video-conferencing, or supervision. The remaining hours typically involve reading, research, and the preparation of tasks for assessment.

This unit analyses Christian beliefs regarding the Holy Spirit by examining the witness to the Holy Spirit in Scripture and the development of doctrinal formulation regarding the third person of the Trinity and the Spirit’s role in the Christian life. The diversity of pneumatologies throughout history are explored, as well as the neglect in Western with regard to the role of the Holy Spirit in the church. After an analysis of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council on the Holy Spirit, the unit evaluates the revival of pneumatology in contemporary theology.