THCP306 - Theology, Immersion and Service-Learning

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Teaching Organisation: This unit involves 150 hours of focused learning. As an experience-based theological study the total includes the immersion experience as well as formally structured learning activities such as pre-departure (preparatory) Adobe Connect Classroom online sessions, lectures, and online learning, particularly through the Forum and learning materials in the LEO (Learning Environment Online) page for the unit. The remaining hours involve reading, journal writing, research, preparation of tasks for assessment and supervision, where relevant and appropriate.

This unit is an experience of doing theology in the context of immersion, which includes some volunteer work among the poor and marginal(ised), in a developing country such as Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia and other locations that are relevant and appropriate. The unit will consider the relationship between theology, immersion and service learning based on the perspective of theology as "faith seeking empowering understanding" or as "a hermeneutic of hope." It will explore from a theoretical and practical perspective the missionary imperative of Christianity through immersion among the poor and the marginal(ised) as well as critical analysis and reflection by the students on their immersion experience with the help of the study of selected key texts on the faith that does justice and lives out the Gospel in contemporary times. This experience-based theological study will reveal how "action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world" is "a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel, or, in other words, of the Church’s mission for the redemption of the human race and its liberation from every oppressive situation" (Justice in the World, no. 6).