THCP301 - Canon Law of the Church

10 cp
Prerequisites THBS100 Introduction to the Bible; THCT100 What Christians Believe
Teaching Organisation The unit involves 150 hours of focused learning, or the equivalent of 10 hours per week for 15 weeks. The total includes formally structured learning activities such as lectures, tutorials, online learning, video-conferencing, or supervision. The remaining hours typically involve reading, research, and the preparation of tasks for assessment.

This unit is an introduction to the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. After the Catholic Church at Vatican II had expressed its doctrinal insights, it followed this up with a renewal of its canonical structures to assist the church in receiving the doctrine. Of great relevance were the promulgations of the Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church in 1983 and a Code for the Eastern Churches in 1990. Shortly after laws for specific dioceses or the territory of an episcopal conference followed. The unit explores the connection between mainly the theology of Vatican II and the post conciliar legislation. It takes regard of the Church's historical tradition of codification of its laws, its relation to civil law and the application of the law in the pastoral life of the Church. Canon Law is considered as an integral ecclesial structure for the Church's pastoral practice, governance and for an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of Church membership.