PHIL320 - Ethics, Justice and the Good Society

10 cp
Prerequisites One second year level unit in Philosophy
Incompatible units PHCC320 The Just Society
Teaching Organisation This unit involves 150 hours of focused learning, and will be offered in both semesters in attendance mode, and intensive mode.

We live in a time of great social, ethical, and political uncertainty. This unit responds to this context by leading students into an engagement with a range of contemporary philosophical debates and perspectives on the nature of the good society. It provides them with the knowledge and analytical skills to participate constructively in dialogue regarding matters of fundamental social importance. Students engage in careful examination of some key concepts, theories, and debates concerning issues such as the fair distribution of the burdens and benefits of society, the rights and duties of individuals and communities in local and global contexts, and the understanding and implementation of basic freedoms in areas such as speech, religion, and opportunity. In so doing, the meaning and contours of key ideas such as human dignity, social justice, human solidarity and human value are explored. The unit provides students with an opportunity to develop a scholarly and integrated personal account of the good society that draws directly on contemporary moral, social, and political philosophy, including some key themes in Catholic social thought.