PHIL102 - Theories of Human Nature

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible PHCC102
Teaching Organisation: This unit involves 150 hours of focused learning, and will be offered in both semesters in attendance mode, and intensive mode.

This unit introduces students to philosophical reflection concerning what it is to be a human being. Students examine key concepts, theories and debates relating to a range of important themes in this area, such as the nature of mind and its relation to the body; the basis of personal identity and the ‘self’; the relationship between rationality and emotion; the meaning and extent of personal freedom; the inter-personal nature of being human; the significance of gender & sexuality; considerations about the meaning of life; and the implications of human finitude and mortality. The unit aims to assist students to develop an understanding of key philosophical concepts and theories that allow them to reflect on their beliefs and assumptions, and to engage with the views of others. It also looks to enhance students’ skills in critical reflection on experience, the analysis of arguments, and the formulation and communication of coherent positions of their own.