SOCS301 - Social Justice and Economy

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 200-level unit in Sociology or related discipline
Teaching Organisation: 36 hours of lectures, tutorials or seminar on campus or equivalent over 12 weeks

This unit examines the importance of economic issues and patterns to the notion of social justice and the present realities of inequality. The unit considers how different aspects of the economic system and economic behaviour contribute to and cause social inequality. In particular, the unit considers the causes of, and possible solutions to poverty, through the relevance of economic participation via work and the crucial role of education. The analyses of poverty, work, and education within global and local economic and social contexts highlight the systemic dimensions of inequality that impact individuals considerably. The unit advocates the Catholic and Enlightenment ethos of pursuing social justice through economic equality to be a desirable policy aim that restores a basic human right while bestowing dignity on all.