SOCS243 - Global Health

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible GLST200 Global Health
Teaching Organisation Nil

A range of professions require an understanding of the biological, social and environmental determinants of health and to encourage critical thinking in relation to the causes, incidence, distribution, treatment, and prevention of global diseases. The unit will examine global health inequalities and the burden of disease between rich and poor countries where population growth, ageing, lifestyle changes and pandemics of chronic disease manifest differently. It will investigate the diseases that are the leading cause of death globally and the impact of potential health threats posed by trauma and injury in war zones, major disasters, nuclear weapons and bioterrorism. Given that health is a fundamental right of all people, including the 370 million Indigenous peoples worldwide, the unit will also discuss the importance of major global initiatives to improve world health through vaccination programs, interventions to prevent transmission of infectious disease and healthier food and water supplies. The unit aims to explore global health as part of a broader understanding of health and societies. This unit includes a module on working with children, young people and vulnerable adults that will focus on responding to concerns and strategies to keep ourselves and others safe and support children, young people and vulnerable adults.