SOCS237 - People Count: Researching Quantitatively

10 cp
Prerequisites 10 cp from 100-level units in Sociology or equivalent
Teaching Organisation A variety of teaching formats will be used including lectures, workshops, and seminars.

This unit introduces students to the richness and impact of quantitative research techniques and data analysis in sociology and social science. These techniques provide sociologists and social scientists with important skills for investigating various patterns in the social world. The course covers the conceptual and applied aspects of the quantitative research process and basic statistical analysis. The unit situates quantitative methods within the research process inclusive of research questions and hypotheses, theories and conceptual models, operationalising concepts, research design, sampling, data collection and management, ethics, and statistical analysis utilising computer software packages. The emphasis throughout is on the application of quantitative research methods to sociological issues and social problems. Students are introduced to the impact this kind of research has on designing, evaluating, and administering social policy for the benefit of individuals and social groups.