PUBH651 - Public Health Research Thesis a

Prerequisites HLSC641 Introduction to Health Sciences Research
Incompatible PUBH650 Public Health Capstone
Teaching Organisation

Research, the process of knowledge generation and communication, is a cornerstone of public health. Over the course of two units (PUBH651 Thesis A and PUBH652 Thesis B) completed in two semesters (one unit per semester) students will design, undertake and report on research they conduct under approved academic supervision. PUBH651 Thesis A addresses the first phase of the research project. In consultation with their supervisor(s), students will select a research topic relevant to public health that has sufficient scope to enable application of advanced reasoning and research skills. Students will first conduct a literature review on their selected topic, providing the background and rationale for their proposed research. Students will then design and write a detailed and feasible proposal for a research project that they will undertake in the following semester within PUBH652 Thesis B. The research proposal will be assessed both by oral and written presentation. The aim of this unit, PUBH651 Thesis A, is to enable students to apply their knowledge of health research by producing a literature review and research proposal as the foundation for conducting independent research towards the completion of a public health research thesis in PUBH652.