PUBH650 - Public Health Capstone

20 cp
Prerequisites: 100 cp
Incompatible: PUBH651 Public Health Research Thesis (Part A); PUBH652 Public Health Research Thesis (Part B)
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Public health capstone comprises a range of practice based experiences which apply and consolidate learning acquired in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. It is linked to the Australian Qualifications Framework and supported by educational theory on the importance of experiential learning for preparing students for professional practice. Public health capstone integrates students’ knowledge and skills from prior units allowing them to directly apply their learnings to public health practice, with the aim of improving and advancing population health. For this unit, students will undertake coursework consisting of three modules covering community engagement, ethics and practice reflections. As the major learning activity of this unit, studnets will engage in a project consisting of a practice-based public health project, activity or fieldwork that involves the integration of knowledge and skills across multiple public health areas. Students must demonstrate community engagement, as well as reflect on ethical practice public health and competencies. Overall, this unit aims to provide a summative public health practice experience for students to demonstrate their practice readiness and integrate skills and knowledge from their MPH degree.