PUBH640 - Global Health and Sustainable Development

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Incompatible: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

We are constantly reminded that health is global in nature, affecting populations irrespective of country, culture and ideology. Responses to challenges in health therefore need to be global as well, transcending national boundaries, governments and health care systems. In addition, global health depends on development and prosperity that is achieved without irreversible depletion of natural resources and exploitation of environments. This unit will equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge related to global health and sustainable development. Students will learn about health as a human right, the concept of social justice as well as sustainability in health and the sustainable development goals. They will distinguish the terms international, global and globalization; they will identify who are the main players in global health and critique the roles that these players have; they will discuss goal setting for global health improvement as well as global health inequalities, and global health and environmental health; the role of trans–national corporations will be examined; threats to global health and sustainability will be identified. The aim will be to equip students with sufficient knowledge about global health to be able to interpret trends in the global health literature as well as deepen students’ appreciation of the interdependence of global health and sustainable development using contemporary examples and case studies.