PUBH620 - Biostatistics

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil
Incompatible: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Understanding, using and interpreting statistics is crucial to public health research and practice, particularly in monitoring health outcomes and decision-making processes about interventions. This unit will develop students’ knowledge of fundamental statistical concepts, such as descriptive and inferential statistics, common statistical tests and statistical methods commonly used in public health. This will include hypothesis testing, estimation, associations, modelling relationships and prediction using different methods such as regression analyses. Throughout the unit, students will consolidate their understanding of statistical theory through its application to practice. While there are some formulae and computational elements to the unit, the emphasis is on interpretation and concepts. Besides the theoretical material, this unit will also enable students to run basic analyses using common statistical software. Using this software, students will analyse simulated public health datasets and then interpret the results obtained. Statistical understanding and analytical expertise developed by students during the unit will then be applied to practice through critical appraisal statistical methods used in public health research.