PSYC645 - Learning Difficulties: Assessment and Intervention

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC621 Professional Practice in Psychology, PSYC630 Psychological Assessment
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Identification of learning difficulties and providing intervention early reduces the impact of learning problems and can improve academic outcomes for individuals. Learning difficulties are increasingly prevalent in children and young people, as well as in those with disabilities, and Educational and Developmental Psychologists are in the position to assess the underlying nature of the learning difficulty, and provide recommendations and interventions that are empirically proven to be effective.

This unit will provide knowledge of the range of learning difficulties and exceptionalities, and the process of assessing these through standardised testing. There is a focus on developing assessment and communication skills to provide parents, teachers and individuals with clearly defined learning capabilities and appropriate recommendations for remediation. The unit will cover developmental trends in the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills, and the theories which attempt to explain difficulties in these areas of learning. Approaches to assessment and intervention will be covered in depth, with an emphasis on empirically validated procedures. The unit will also examine common comorbid conditions and how these affect assessment and intervention. The aim will be to learn how to apply learning theories to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of specific learning disorders.