PSYC643 - Applied Developmental Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC623 Psychopathology; PSYC645 Learning Difficulties: Assessment and Intervention
Teaching Organisation

Providing psychologists with training and knowledge regarding psychological difficulties that arise across the lifespan allows for effective intervention and prevention. Developmental Psychology provides an understanding of factors that influence the course of development, and developmental problems that may be faced by individuals across the lifespan.

The unit will provide knowledge on the prevalent challenges that present in each life phase, along with assessment strategies and intervention approaches. There is a focus on developing skills in communicating effectively with people across the lifespan and with various levels of developmental difficulties, and understanding the impact of common psychological or cognitive challenges on development. In addition, the impact of common life traumas and events on development will also be investigated. The aim of the unit is to enable to students to integrate their knowledge of developmental theory with psychological problems that present across the lifespan.