PSYC630 - Psychological Assessment

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Teaching Organisation

Psychological assessment is the core competency of professional psychologists which most clearly differentiates them from other mental health professionals. As such, it is essential for professional psychologists to have a thorough understanding of psychological testing principles and practices.

This unit is designed to provide a detailed study of the principles and methods of psychological test administration and interpretation, case formulation, report writing and feedback of assessment results. There will be a particular focus on the importance of developmental system models and cultural sensitivity in assessment. Students will acquire knowledge of the major methods of evaluating cognitive functioning, educational achievement and behavioural/emotional adjustment of infants, children, adolescents and adults. The overall aim of the unit is to teach skills in evaluation, administration and interpretation of psychological tests and to assist students to become competent in integration of the diverse information gathered during psychological assessment and to provide appropriate written and oral feedback on assessment results.