PSYC623 - Psychopathology

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC621 Professional Practice in Psychology, PSYC630 Psychological Assessment
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Psychological disorders are prevalent in Australia and knowledge of the diagnostic criteria and evidence-–based intervention for common psychological disorders ensures that psychologists are skilled at identifying and treating these. Psychologists require in-depth, critical understanding and application of the principles and methods of psychological diagnosis, assessment, formulation and intervention of psychological disorders in order to provide empirically supported and evidence-–based services. This unit covers the critical examination of major diagnostic systems and diagnostic criteria, and competencies to reliably diagnose common psychological disorders including adjustment, anxiety, mood, eating, and substance use disorders across the lifespan. It also covers the psychological assessment and treatment of common psychological disorders across the lifespan such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, internalizing and externalizing problems, and autistic spectrum disorders. Risk assessment and screening for psychosis will also be reviewed. The aim of this unit is to facilitate the development of knowledge of clinical assessment and intervention skills with a particular focus on evidence-–based assessment, formulation, and intervention for psychological disorders across the lifespan.