PSYC621 - Professional Practice in Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

In order to ensure that psychologists practice in ways that protect public safety, a thorough knowledge of ethical, professional and legal requirements is required. Failure to understand and apply relevant regulatory frameworks can have significant implications on both the welfare of clients and their practitioners, and significantly damage the reputation of psychology as a profession.

This unit explores the various professional standards and codes relevant to the provision of psychological services, including The Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics, APS Ethical Guidelines, the Australian National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce, and relevant state and federal legislative requirements. Developing and applying an ethical decision-making approach in psychological practice is emphasized, with specific exploration of topics such as the client’s rights, who is the client in third party referrals, the impact of multiple role relationships, the need for professional boundaries, and the purposes and limits of confidentiality. The unit will also introduce knowledge of local and international perspectives in relation to professional practice in psychology and draw from cross-cultural research, with a particular reference to Indigenous Knowings.

In exploring the above, this unit aims to provide students with an in-depth and critical understanding of the ethical, professional and legal requirements to ensure they have the ability to practice competently and safely in their work as psychologists.