PSYC613 - Practicum a

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC621 Professional Practice in Psychology; PSYC622 Practicum Skills; PSYC630 Psychological Assessment; PSYC638 Therapeutic Skills
Teaching Organisation

The ability to integrate theoretical knowledge into clinical practice is fundamental to the practice of psychology. This is the first in a series of practicum units designed to provide students (as provisional psychologists) with experience in the delivery of a range of psychological services in a real-world setting to complement the theoretical and simulated learning that takes place in the coursework units. The emphasis is on skill development in a supervised, structured environment. Students are encouraged to approach applied problems and skill based learning from a hypothesis based assessment perspective consistent with a scientist-practitioner model. Students will develop their engagement skills with clients and the ability to develop effective working relationships. Students also take part in a weekly group case conference. The ability to apply ethical standards and behave professionally in a real work setting are an integral part of learning in this unit. The aim of this unit is to facilitate the development of initial psychological practice skills that are required to work effectively and safely with clients and ensure that students are progressing at a level that is consistent with professional standards.