PSYC427 - Advanced Topics in Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

As part of advanced training in psychology, this unit provides you with the opportunity to be exposed to specialised training in psychology. Topics may be drawn from one or more distinct areas of psychology, including (but not limited to) cognitive, social, developmental, health and applied psychology. The material will be of an advanced nature, offering engagement with cutting edge research and innovation and in-depth examination of contemporary perspectives on, and interpretation of, recent trends in the field psychology, as well as an awareness of its historical and philosophical underpinnings. The choice of specific topics will be driven by the expertise of the Lecturers assigned to teach the unit. The aims of this unit are to develop your advanced skills in (a) critical analysis of theories and models presented to explain observed trends in an area of psychology, (b) the use of research evidence to develop, modify or reject theories and models and (c) the development of research designs that may address an open research question in the area under investigation.