PSYC421 - Honours Thesis B

20 cp
Prerequisites PSYC410 Honours Thesis A
Teaching Organisation

Psychology is a scientific discipline from which stems a profession that is guided by evidence based practice. As a result, training in the skills pertaining to both the critical analysis of research literature, and the conduct of research is at the core of any psychology course. At a 4th year level, you are expected to develop, conduct and report your own research project. This expectation is explicitly stated in the APAC accreditation guidelines for 4th year courses. This unit is the second of two units designed to support you in this process. In particular, this unit provides support for the preparation of a research report of the empirical project that forms part of your research thesis. Although you receive project–specific support from a thesis supervisor, the unit is designed to provide training on generic skills that underpin the successful write up of the report in the form of a research article. In addition to this, the unit is also designed to help you with the preparation of your presentation for the School of Psychology research conference, where all students must present either a short talk or a poster.