PSYC322 - Critical Thinking and Research Skills for Psychology

10 cp
PSYC206 Research Design and Statistics II, and either PSYC213 Individual Differences or PSYC214 Learning and Behaviour
Teaching Organisation Nil

Critical thinking and advanced research skills are fundamental for understanding, evaluating, and conducting psychological research. This unit will provide an introduction to the development of psychology as a science, a comprehensive introduction to fundamental ideas in critical thinking in relation to psychological science, and a hands-on understanding of the research process and research methodologies.

You will learn about the iterative nature of research and theory development. You will learn how to write a research proposal by following the basic steps in the research process from identification of a research topic, formulation of research questions, and selection of appropriate research designs and methodologies.

The unit will teach you how to engage in independent research studies, and work collaboratively within a research team.

In summary, the aim of this unit is to provide a foundation in critical thinking and research skills that will assist in preparing you to undertake psychological research.