PSYC319 - Psychology of Sexuality and Gender

10 cp
PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology; PSYC101 Applications of Psychology
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Society is undergoing a paradigm shift in terms of understandings of gender and sexuality. Specifically for psychology, there is a movement toward understandings of gender that are beyond the traditional stereotypes of male and female and of sexual identity. Further, non-heteronormative sexual behaviour has historically been viewed as pathology requiring reparative treatment however this has shifted toward these behaviours as being understood as representative of normal human diversity. In this unit, issues related to gender stereotypes, gender identity and sexuality, and how they influence individual experiences in a range of contexts, will be examined. The aim of this unit is to explore how societal dynamics contribute to the maintenance of gender and sexual inequalities and to assist you to develop an understanding of gender issues in contemporary psychology, such as stereotypes, gender differences/similarities, gender identity, and sexual orientation.