PSYC318 - Psychology of Alcohol and Drugs

10 cp
PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology; PSYC101 Applications of Psychology
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The misuse of alcohol and drugs is implicated in a number of negative psychological outcomes. As such, understanding the precursors, symptoms, consequences and best practice treatment protocols for drug and alcohol misuse is an important topic within psychology.

This unit will introduce you to the range of alcohol and drug use disorders commonly experienced in Australia, with an understanding of the associated patterns of use, harms, and risks. You will also develop an understanding of the range of evidence-based approaches to alcohol and drug prevention and treatment, and the ethical and practice implications associated.

The aim of this unit is to provide foundational knowledge of a specialised area of practice within psychology, namely, the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. You will learn about best practice approaches to the identification, diagnosis and treatment of drug and alcohol disorders and other associated psychological conditions.