PSYC316 - Health Psychology

10 cp
PSYC214 Learning and Behaviour
Teaching Organisation 3 hours contact per week over 12 weeks or equivalent

Health psychology is important because it allows us to understand the effects of psychological factors on health and illness. Some of the questions this unit will consider include; why do some students catch a cold every exam period and others do not? How does what we eat affect the way we think and feel? Why might mindfulness be helpful for a cancer survivor? Health psychology recognises the importance of biological, behavioural (such as lifestyle choices), psychological (e.g. beliefs, attitudes), and social conditions (culture, relationships) in health and illness. This unit will focus on the promotion and maintenance of health, the prevention and treatment of illness, the identification of causes of illness, and the health care system. Major theoretical perspectives and current research will be covered in this unit, with a focus on the application of theory and research to improve health and well–being. The aim of this unit is to provide you with an in depth understanding of the models, approaches and practical applications in the area of health psychology.