PSYC314 - Psychological Assessment

10 cp
PSYC104 Research Design and Statistics 1 and PSYC213 Individual Differences
Teaching Organisation: 3 hours contact per week over 12 weeks or equivalent

The use of testing and assessment has a long history in psychology, as it allows the accurate measurement of psychological (and non–psychological) constructs that can be compared between individuals, or can compare an individual's performance from one time point to another. Psychological assessment has been used in education placements (the identification of special needs or of gifted learners), workplace selection and promotion, career testing, and mental health to name but a few. It is the science of psychometric test development, based in classical testing theories, that allows these psychological fields to prosper and evolve in stable and predictable ways. Thus, the overarching aim of this unit is to train students in methods for the development and refinement of new psychological tests and assessments, and to understand the use and appropriate applications of those already in use in the field.