PSYC313 - Social Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites: PSYC104 Research Design & Statistics 1, PSYC200 Lifespan Development
Teaching Organisation: 3 contact hours per week over 12 weeks or equivalent.

Social psychology is a fundamental topic within the discipline of psychology. It is the study of individuals in their social context. In order to identify the causes of real word behaviours and act accordingly, you must recognise the often invisible power of the situation.

Key topics in social psychology include intrapersonal processes like perception of self, and one's perception of and attitudes towards others and groups. Interpersonal processes include interpersonal interaction and attraction, group processes, aspects of social influence like conformity, and factors influencing aggression and prosocial behaviour. Drawing on topics such as these and their real word applications, this unit will provide an introduction to social psychology from its foundation to modern day. The unit will emphasise the theoretical and scientific basis of social psychology as well as its application in understanding real-world behaviour across a range of contexts.

The aim of this unit is to provide you with knowledge of the core theories, methods, and findings of social psychology, which in turn, will help you understand how the social context can affect human behaviour.