PSYC216 - Forensic Psychology

10 cp
PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology and PSYC101 Applications of Psychology
Teaching Organisation 3 hours contact per week over 12 weeks or equivalent

This unit offers you with the opportunity to explore an area of applied psychology that is aligned with a major area of psychological research and professional practice - forensic psychology. It provides you with opportunities to engage with theory and research in the context of the interplay between psychology and the legal system.

This unit explores how forensic psychologists contribute to the criminal justice system through the application of psychological understandings of crime, and the assessment, rehabilitation and treatment of offenders. An overview of the criminal justice system and aspects relevant to forensic psychology are examined. Pertinent issues covering witnesses, offenders and psychological principles and their application are discussed.

The aim of this unit is to provide foundational knowledge of a specialised area of practice within psychology, namely, forensic psychology. You will be introduced to the important role psychology plays within the legal system in the investigation and prosecution of crime, and in the sentencing, punishment and rehabilitation of offenders.