PSYC214 - Learning and Behaviour

10 cp
PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology; PSYC101 Applications of Psychology; PSYC104 Research Design and Statistics
Teaching Organisation 3 hours contact per week over 12 weeks or equivalent

Central to an undergraduate degree in psychology is the ability to understand and critically analyse core knowledge areas in psychology, to understand and demonstrate practical skills in research methods, to apply the values and ethics of the discipline and to communicate effectively in various formats. This unit focuses on the contribution of models of learning to the understanding of behaviour change. It spans topics from classical to operant conditioning, and includes modern approaches to the quantitative analysis of behaviour. The methodological paradigms and philosophical implications of behaviourism will be covered, with a strong emphasis on experimental approaches to the development of theories of behaviour. In addition, the unit will also cover applied behaviour analysis approaches to interventions in clinical settings. The aim of this unit is to provide you with an in depth understanding of the topics, theories and methodological paradigms in the field of behaviourism and current clinical applications of theories of behaviour.