PSYC212 - Abnormal Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology and PSYC101 Applications of Psychology
Teaching Organisation 3 contact hours per week over 12 weeks or equivalent.

A key area of research and practice within psychology is the domain of abnormal behaviour and psychological distress. Abnormal behaviour is therefore a fundamental topic within the broad body of knowledge of psychology.

This unit examines theory and research in the field of abnormal psychology and investigates contemporary understandings of the concept of abnormality. The unit covers diagnostic systems frequently used to classify disorders, methodologies used to research psychopathology, and presents models of aetiology in abnormal behaviour. The major mental disorders are introduced and their primary diagnostic features described. Treatment issues are also discussed insofar as they relate to aetiology.

The aim of this unit is to introduce and describe key concepts within abnormal psychology, including the classification, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. This introduction is designed to highlight key theories and seminal research, thus providing an overview of current understandings of abnormal psychology.