PSYC208 - Organisational Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites: PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology and PSYC101 Applications of Psychology
Teaching Organisation: 3 contact hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

This unit offers students the opportunity to explore an area of applied psychology that is aligned with a major area of psychological research and professional practice. It provides students with opportunities to engage with theory and research in the particular context of organisations and the people who work within them.

As an applied area of psychology, this unit allows students to develop an understanding of the impact of research in workplaces, the insights research can offer in this psychologically complex environment, and the way in which these workplaces create opportunities to explore psychological functioning. This unit is primarily concerned with human individual and social behaviour - how it is influenced by, and in turn influences, organisations.

The aim of this unit, therefore, is to provide foundational knowledge of the key topics within organisational psychology. Students will be introduced to the important role psychology can play in organisations and how psychological principles can be applied to improve outcomes for organisations and their key stakeholders, including employees, clients and customers.