PSYC207 - Culture and Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites PSYC100 Foundations of Psychology and PSYC101 Applications of Psychology
Teaching Organisation 3 contact hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

Cultural diversity and multiculturalism are becoming increasingly valued in Australian society, and as cross-cultural contact continues to increase, so should our understanding of inter- and intra-cultural psychological processes. An understanding of how cultural factors impact values, beliefs, and behaviours is pertinent for conducting ethically sound research. As enhanced levels of intercultural understanding can be best achieved by studying basic human functioning, and how human behaviour shapes, and is shaped by, cultural environments, the focus of this unit will be exploring which human psychological processes are etic (i.e. universal and shared by all humans) and which are emic (i.e. culturally dependent). The overall aim of this unit is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to critically analyse research and evidence in psychology through a culturally-oriented lens.