PSYC109 - Applied Positive Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites: Nil

Psychology as a discipline has many areas of study. The clinical area of psychology has traditionally focused on psychopathology and the treatment of mental disorders, and has paid less attention to human resources and internal strengths.

Positive psychology explores the scientific study of well-being and flourishing in the human experience. It examines a range of areas such as positive emotions, engagement, creativity, optimism, gratification, strengths, virtues, and meaning. This unit is experiential and project-based, where students will learn to critically evaluate the research literature; participate in positive psychological interventions; and develop professionally relevant skills and experience in the positive psychology field. The aim of the unit is to provide students with an understanding of how the scope of psychology has recently been broadened beyond the traditional curative and reactive response to pathology, to a modern preventative and proactive approach to well-being.