PSYC100 - Foundations of Psychology

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
IncompatiblesALHT106 Psychology for Allied Health
Teaching Organisation 3 contact hours per week over 12 weeks or equivalent

Central to an undergraduate degree in psychology is the ability to understand and critically analyse core knowledge areas in psychology, to understand and demonstrate practical skills in research methods, to apply the values and ethics of the discipline and to communicate effectively in various formats. As such, this unit will introduce you to psychology and the core topics of biological bases of behaviour, sensation and perception, levels of consciousness, learning, memory, language, and thought. Further, you will be introduced to the research methods used in psychology and will gain knowledge and practical experience in how to present a psychological research report. The foundational knowledge provided in this unit, along with PSYC101: Applications of Psychology, is required to support further learning in most 200 and 300 level Psychology units. The aim of this unit is to introduce you to psychology through some core areas of the discipline and to provide you with foundational knowledge and skills in psychological research methodology and psychological research report writing.