POLS213 - Security, Terrorism and Human Rights

10 cp
Prerequisites: 10 cp from 100-level units in Politics and International Relations or International Development Studies
Teaching Organisation: 36 hours of lectures and tutorials

This unit explores the changing nature of international relations with respect to the issues of security, terrorism and human rights. Reviewing various conceptualizations of security, terrorism and foundational elements of human rights, this unit introduces students to the ramifications of security measures for human rights. Security concerns and measures differ between autocracies, mature democracies and countries in different stages of democratic reform. The unit aims to equip the student with the analytical tools to scrutinising the controversial correlations between security and human rights in varying contexts, both at the national and international levels. Furthermore, by covering the engagement of the different actors, e.g., the UN, national states and non-state actors, and their partnerships and/or discords, the students will become familiar with the roles of different parties in protecting or violating human rights. The aim of this unit is to identify the proposed contradictions between security and human rights and to investigate the appropriate mechanisms and strategies to address these contradictions.