PARA313 - Advanced Decision Making

10 cp
Prerequisite Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

It is critical that all healthcare professionals understand the concepts and principles of decision making in a health care setting. Health care professionals encounter situations and problems that require expedient, insightful and competent decision making to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Contemporary approaches to professional, legal and ethical aspects of clinical decision making are explored in this unit. Skills developed in this unit assist students to start building an understanding of decision making theory and practice which will guide their future performance as a health care professional.

This unit provides opportunity for the student to develop and expand further knowledge, skills and knowledge of decision making in health care practice. Theoretical and practical aspects of advanced decision making are considered in the context of paramedicine, and other relevant interdisciplinary areas of health care. Approaches to advanced clinical assessment and actual and potential factors that influence accuracy of assessment data and possible implications for professional practice will be considered.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to apply a critical thinking approach to advanced decision making in the clinical setting and to explore the role of the paramedic in applying person-centred, culturally sensitive and informed decision making.