PARA311 - Pre-Hospital Management of the Chronically Ill Patient

10 cp
Prerequisite Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

Demographic changes in Australia, such as population ageing, advances in disease management and changed funding models in health care have resulted in an increased burden of chronic illness. Chronic illness now represents an increasing proportion of attendance for paramedics. Thus, this unit increases students’ understanding of the pathophysiology of a range of chronic illnesses, the impact of these illnesses on the wellbeing of the individual and interventions commonly associated with these illnesses. The unit will focus on the concepts of ‘treat and discharge’, ‘treat and transport’ and ‘treat and refer’. Development of the Extended Care Paramedic role (ECP), patient outcomes, and the patient journey will be examined in relation to modes of health assessment and management. The experiences and healthcare needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, for whom the burden of chronic disease is higher than the non-Indigenous population, will be explored.