PARA303 - Paramedic Practice: Obstetric and Paediatric Emergencies

10 cp
Prerequisites: For BP(Prof) students: Nil
Teaching Organisation: 150 hours of focused learning.

While the number of pre-hospital gynaecological, obstetric and birth emergencies are small, the acuity in such cases can be high. It is therefore necessary that paramedics possess the knowledge and skills to manage gynaecological, obstetric and birth emergencies. Similarly, paediatric emergencies require specialist knowledge and skills. Children are not small adults; paediatric physiology is very different to that of adults. Therefore an advanced knowledge of pregnancy, birth and paediatric emergencies is required to ensure the optimal outcomes for women and children and enhances the professional practice of paramedics.

In this unit, paramedic students will develop knowledge and practical skills in birthing and the care of the neonate, and pre- and post-partum mother. There will be opportunity to develop competence in caring for the paediatric client and their family in the pre-hospital setting. This unit will also build on concepts introduced in previous units, including assessment of children of various ages and management of common health problems. Students will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate broad and coherent theoretical and technical knowledge and skills to manage obstetric and paediatric emergencies. Student will also explore the role of the paramedic in delivering person-centred, culturally sensitive and globally informed health care in the setting of paediatric and obstetric emergencies.