PARA300 - Consolidated and Extended Paramedic Practice

10 cp
For Bachelor of Paramedicine: PARA210 Paramedic Theory: Medical 2; PARA211 Paramedic Practice: Medical 2
For Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine: PARA213 Paramedic Theory and Practice: Medical 2

This clinical integration unit provides students with the opportunity to consolidate theory, practice and expertise acquired in previous and concurrent units. Furthermore, it explores issues relating to the professional practice of paramedics and the unique challenges faced by paramedics as their role and scope of practice evolves to meet the changing needs of Australian society. With areas of the health care infrastructure struggling to cope with changing population needs, paramedics are more frequently attending patients with chronic illness. This unit is required by students to assist them to understand demographic changes and associated health care trends in Australia, in addition to improving their clinical knowledge of a range of distinctive population groups.

The aim of this unit is to assist students to understand the changing health needs of the Australian population, how the change may impact their professional paramedic role, and how to provide health care to a range of distinctive population groups.