NUTR101 - Introduction to Nutrition

10 cp
Prerequisites NIL
Incompatible EXSC118 Nutrition and Exercise
Teaching Organisation

Working within the fields of nutrition and food science requires a life–long evidence–based approach towards understanding and applying the factors that link food, nutrition and health. This unit will assist students to acquire foundation knowledge of food composition, and the major roles of the macro and micronutrients including vitamins, minerals and other bioactive components, towards maintaining normal cell function, nutrient transport and storage, metabolism, water balance and electrolyte regulation. Principles of healthy eating, dietary guidelines (e.g., Australian Dietary Guidelines) and nutrient reference values are introduced, with concepts of energy balance nutrition assessment, and nutrient composition of foods and dietsexplored. The aim of this unit is to help students build a strong basis from which to continue to develop knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to professional practice related to food and nutrition.