NRSG266 - Principles of Nursing Contexts of Ageing

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
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While the Registered Nurse plays a central role in the provision of health care for people who experience health alterations, they are also involved in caring for those aspects of care required through healthy ageing Health alterations occur across a range of settings and it is a requirement that the nurse is able to provide care for people experiencing these alterations. This unit is required by students to assist their ongoing development of theoretical knowledge underpinning the many facets of nursing care required by the older person, including aspects of care which are required as a result of normal ageing.

This unit will focus on the importance of promoting quality of life, independence, maintaining choice and dignity for older people as they live with age-related changes, risk factors, sociocultural issues and functional consequences that may occur with ageing. Key principles that underpin best practice will be demonstrated by the use of evidence-based case studies. The roles of the registered nurse across a variety of settings, and within the context of multi-disciplinary care, will be explored. The theoretical knowledge gained in this unit will inform nursing students’ future clinical practice across a variety of settings.

This aim of this unit is to support students to develop knowledge and skills for the provision of person-centred, evidence-based nursing care of the older person.