NRSG264 - Integrating Practice 3

10 cp
Prerequisites: For BN, BN/BBA and BN/BP students: NRSG140 Integrating Practice 2; For BN(EN) Students: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

In the nursing profession, it is a requirement that the nurse is able to link theory with practice and perform clinical duties which are underpinned by a theoretical understanding. To perform these skills well, the nurse must be able to reflect critically on their practice and appraise their performance to identify best practice moving forward. This unit is required by students to assist them to use theory to drive their clinical practice and to understand how practice is guided by a continual process of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation - skills critical for the nurse to deliver best practice. Foundational nursing practice skills will be developed and extended through scenario based learning in the laboratory. Students will be required to apply their theoretical knowledge during their clinical placement comprising 160 hours.

The aim of this third ‘Integrating Practice’ unit is to build on students’ previous and current learning to further contextualize their theoretical knowledge through clinical practice.