MUSC280 - Music, Culture and Diversity

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

This is unit may contribute to a major or minor in Music or be an elective in the Bachelor of Arts program. The multiple contemporary professional contexts in which musicians operate require the capacity to work ethically with diverse musical styles.

Music, Culture and Diversity examines the diversity of forms and styles of traditional and popular music found among various cultures of the world and the crucial roles music plays in each culture. This unit explores the contexts in which music occurs and considers the ways these contexts shape the structure, performance practices and aesthetics of music in diverse cultures. The use of music in ritual, both sacred and secular, its role in identity formation for individuals and cultures, and the ethical considerations that arise out of these dimensions of music practice are also considered.

The aim of this unit is to develop musicians who are culturally competent in the way they engage with diverse types of music.