MKTG318 - Social Impact of Marketing

10 cp
Prerequisites MKTG207 Marketing Toolkit
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

This unit focuses on the impact of marketing strategy and tactics on a range of stakeholders within society. As such it does not take the perspective of a marketing manager seeking to influence potential consumers in an identified target market, but rather it takes macro-marketing and consumer activist perspectives. The unit places marketing in the context of a capitalist market economy, and explores its impacts in a number of areas, and in specific product categories. It also explores consumer responses to marketing strategy and tactics, and how marketers are responding to increased scrutiny of their actions.

The aim of this unit is to further develop critical thinking among students studying marketing, and to increase their awareness of the possible social impacts of marketing on past, current and future consumers, and other stakeholders. These impacts may be either positive or negative (or a mix of both). An awareness of these may lead to more socially responsible marketing practices among future marketing practitioners.