MKTG207 - Marketing Toolkit

10 cp
Prerequisites ACCT100 Introduction to Accounting Or BUSN104 Money Matters; BUSN111 Working with Technology, BUSN112 Managing Markets, BUSN113 Managing People and Organisations
Incompatible MKTG100 Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent.

This unit provides the scaffolding that bridges the core principles of markets and marketing covered in the foundation unit and the study of marketing as a discipline in a more in-depth way. The Unit is taught from the perspective of a Marketing Manager whose makes decisions about products in the marketplace, and who utilises tools in order to make these decisions. Students are introduced to these tools, many of which contribute to the design and implementation of a marketing mix (the core ingredient of marketing strategy). As such the unit focusses on the managerial aspects of marketing such as market research, brands, pricing, distribution and marketing channels, and the marketing of services. The unit also incorporates discussion about the ethical principles of producing goods and services that are authentically good, that promote responsible stewardship over resources, and that recognise responsibility for the common good, the environment and society.

The aim of this unit is to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, tools and practices of marketing. The unit provides a strong foundation to marketing practice and allows students to build on these foundations in higher level marketing units.