MGMT311 - Managing Entrepreneurship and Innovation

10 cp
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

Innovation is critical for the development of firms, regions, and economies. Entrepreneurship is the process of taking innovations and developing them for positive business and social outcomes. Traditionally associated with small business and start-up companies, entrepreneurial activities apply equally to the social sector organisations, government entities and large organisations. Specifically, entrepreneurship plays an important role in assisting individuals to develop concepts into sustainable businesses from micro businesses through to innovation in major corporations.

This unit will advance the theories and concepts learned in foundational management and entrepreneurship units and will apply them to the design and management of innovative new ventures and start-ups. This unit explores the dimensions of new venture and start-up creation and growth and to foster innovation. Moreover, it will examine both shareholder value approaches and the central social purpose of creating sustainable innovation and shared value.

This unit focuses on developing student’s knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurial processes in different organizational and industry settings. The major aim of this unit is to advance students’ knowledge of managing the complex process of commercialising a new venture or start-up in different industries and how to address complex entrepreneurial problems.