MGMT310 - Sustainable Organisational Change

10 cp
Prerequisites MGMT213 Organisational Analysis Or HRMG204 Organisational Behaviour
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

The effective management of organisational change is an important factor in achieving sustainable organisational outcomes. To be a skilled change practitioner, students will need to understand the issues that shape organisational change policies, systems and practices, and their implementation. In this unit, students will develop their knowledge of the strategies, theories and practices of organisational change which contribute to upholding the human dignity of people during change processes. Students will apply their knowledge of organisational change frameworks and models to organisational activities such as diagnosing change problems, changing culture, organisational transformation, restructuring, intervention strategies, managing resistance, and team development in order to achieve objectives of the organisational change processes that can be sustained. Students will develop skills in the design and implementation of sustainable change processes, activities and solutions.

The aim of this unit is to enhance students’ knowledge of organisational change theory and practices and to develop their understanding of the processes and skills necessary to effectively design, manage and implement sustainable change solutions and activities.