MGMT307 - Cross-Cultural Management

10 cp
Prerequisites:BUSN113 Managing People and Organisations
Teaching organisation: 3 hours per week (two hours of lectures and one hour of tutorial) for 12 weeks or equivalent in intensive mode or online.

In the contemporary global environment, organisations interact with culturally diverse customers, staff, suppliers, competitors and governments. Knowing how to manage within this diverse context is critical for international operations whether they are for-profit or not-for- profit. A systematic and critical understanding of 'culture' is important for international managers. This unit introduces you to the study of management in international multi-cultural business environments. It builds on and integrates the basic concepts of management and how they are impacted by differences across cultures. The unit will help you to become acquainted with elements of cultural context for management, managing across cultures, cross-cultural communications, motivation and leadership. As part of achieving sustainable business outcomes which contribute to the common good, ethical issues across cultures will be a major focus of the unit.