MGMT100 - Managing: People, Systems and Culture

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching organisation 12 weeks or equivalent.

This core introductory unit introduces students to the key management functions of planning, organising and control. The unit aims to develop knowledge and awareness of how effective management assists in ensuring that an organisation’s systems and culture fully support the work of its most important resource – its people. Topics covered include management planning, organising and control; the concept of as management as an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’; management systems; the effective management of human resources including motivation and leadership and the fostering of a workplace culture that maintains the organisation’s standards of behaviour and ethical conduct. Students are encouraged to link key management theories and concepts to practice through interactive activities, case-study research and reflection on personal experience. This unit contributes to the core curriculum by teaching students how to work with conflict whilst maintaining dignity and respect for another people and their views.